Monday, October 7, 2013

The Ottawa Shores Plein Air Society Might Be The New Art Organization around Grand Haven, and Yet, the Painters Hold Paintouts with Uptown Gallery, Lakeland Artists and even Coal Tipple Insiders.

Can one really call the Ottawa Shores Plein Air Society a society? No
membership dues are charged. Although, Ottawa County parks charge a
fee for entry to non-residents. No membership form is required. Merely
go to the Facebook page and click [LIKE] . Then show up. I've included
the page link below, sloppy though Facebook page links usually look.
That's where Lynne Boezaart and her outdoor painting friends announce
their paintouts. The page administrator, probably Boezaart, even gives
good directions and checks the weather report to update members on
conditions. Maybe you attended the Centertown Block Party? According
to my sources, Lynne Boezaart turned out the plein air team for the

The OSPA has kept up the pace since the society created their page in
February 2013, little more than a half year ago. The OSPA has already
held an exhibition of paintings at the SLDL. That's the Spring Lake
District Library. Several of the members are lined up for the Lakeland
Artist Show at the Grand Haven Community Center, opening Tuesday,
October 8, 2013. It all kicks off at 7:30 PM, and the OSPA is showing
up as an entourage, apparently expecting to sweep the awards.

The OSPA meets on a regular basis for the real purpose of the society,
picking a scenic spot in Ottawa County and showing up together to
paint. A photographer in the group posts pictures of members in
action, works-in-progress and finished canvases. The page lists an
impressive number of sites: Greenbrier Manor off Fruitport Road, The
Centertown Block Party, The Grand Haven ArtWalk Art Market, Kirk Park
Beach, Mill Point Park in Spring Lake and Bear Lake. Bear Lake? Are we
talking about the one in Muskegon or the one north of Manistee? The
last one gathered the painters at the Coal Tipple, although Kim Talaga
finished her painting of the Tipple at home, avoiding Saturday's
morning and early afternoon rain. She posted the image proudly on
Facebook, shared here.

Any visitor to the ArtWalk 2013 show at Uptown Gallery noticed a
grouping of paintings, eight by ten inches in size, similar subject
and similar color range, each seemingly showing at least one lily pad.
Turns out, six OSPA members planned the array, namely LeeAnn Frame,
Deb Bowen, Nancy MacLachlan, Helen Percy Lystra, Barb Berens and Lynne
Boezaart. Check out the attached picture of the six eight by ten
paintings. These paintings have become tokens of the summer of 2013,
and many of those lily pads have vanished and browning has taken the
marsh cattails.

The OSPA has already broadcast to its members the newly posted Coal
Tipple Art Competition, sponsored by C2C Gallery. It looks as if the
OSPA is engineering a sweep of the awards, which will be announced
during the November First Friday gallery walk, November 1, 2013. More
information about the competition can be found here:

When Cindy Casemeir turns her attention to the Grand Haven Lighthouse,
the OSPA certainly will have members out on the pier preparing for the
inevitable competition.

OSPA has already connected with PAAWM at paintouts and classes in
South Haven. That's the Plein Air Artists of West Michigan to people
new to all this outdoor painting action and acronym fun. Let's hope
there's more paintouts and competitions left in the year, even though
October is turning towards Indian Summer and Halloween chills. Lynne
Boezaart will keep an eye on the weather and advise wellies, rain
smocks or berets and scarves, as necessary.

Welcome to PAAWM:

No Experience Necessary to join the Ottawa Shores Plein Air Society:

Tipple Fever is Beginning to Ripple. Bob Walma scores a photography
show at the Tri-Cities Museum around November 2013:

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