Sunday, January 26, 2014

During the Weekend of the Artic Surge, What was the Effect of Arts & Culture of the Cold, Blowing & Snow. Some Cancelled. Some Add Shows.

This is a subtle story. Who is running shows today? Zellie's Opry House up in Howard City is running an open jam. Acorn Theater in Three Oaks is offering a free concert. Neil Jacobs at Salt of the Earth has called their evening dinner show due to weather. How does the work of arts & cultural go forward during an aggressive winter. Pigeon Creek Billy Shakespeare Company presented Tartuffe on Friday at Seven Steps Up. The show in Saugatuck the troupe decided to call. As a long time enthusiast for Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company, I am pretty sure only three performances have been called. One in Frankenmuth. One in Grant when an actor suffered a hip injury in a collision on Apple Avenue. Saugatuck would be the third. That's a pretty good record considering that is the entire list of cancellations I have noted in six years. Which reminds me. Why is the founding date of Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company lacking from the #ArtWalkerFiles?

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