Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lee Ann Frame's Intaglio of Cesky Krumlov is Already a Coveted Object of Desire at the Postcard Salon, Muskegon Museum of Art. See It 1/30/2014 Opening.

Ah, you can see it tomorrow. However, you cannot buy it until February 13, 2014, and then only if you are a Muskegon Museum of Art member because MMA members get a head start, five minutes. I've already had an inquiry concerning this choice item, and the conversation went exactly like the following:

Collector: May I say I want that $30 postcard and forward you a check. Because I want this Lee Ann Frame postcard.

CAW: Ah, my darling K. Members are given a five minute head start and people queue up for the really good stuff. I am valiant and yet going up against seasoned shoppers, perhaps doomed. Could suit up in armor. A private appeal might win as I know the artist.

Candidly, Lee Ann Frame probably won't sell one out of her exclusive studio in a secret location near a Spring Lake bayou. She's not going to let any tension out of the Postcard Salon game.

Lee Ann Frame posted the contribution January 26. It's been shared at least four times as of this writing. She wrote the following notes to make collectors want the postcard more.

"My Muskegon Museum of Art postcard entry, "Cesky Krumlov" an Intaglio with hand coloring. Jeff and I biked through this beautiful area last summer. Artist, Egon Schiele stayed in this town for a time".

Put this information into your social calendar!
Museum of Art Postcard Salon
Exhibition & Salon sale
1/30 - 2/13 with the sale on 2/13. 
All postcards in the exhibit are $30.

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