Friday, January 24, 2014

Andy O'Riley Wants to Raise Funds for No More Sidelines in Muskegon by Helping Big Boys Find Their Toys. February 21 & 22, Folkert Community Hub

Andy O'Riley believes in Muskegon's newest non-profit, No More Sidelines. So he put together this event for the newly opened sports center, the Folkert Community Hub. It's next door to Tanglewood Park, our senior services campus. So kids playing Basketball right and their grandparents playing pickle ball left. Beautiful, right? Support it. Hold your money. Andy could use your social currency. Share it. That does more than a thousand dollar check if all your Big Boys AND Big Girls see it. 

BTW, Andy, meet Jason TheChief Betzing, the Chief. Unlike the Captain, he actually knows how to sail a boat. He loves those Jacks. Maybe he would love that Hub tour too. By the way, I'm totally predicting broverload here because the Chief is all about Big Boy toys.

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