Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Captain Discusses Homelessness with Journalist Julie Bennett Rylah, who has moved to LA.

In LA a month and Juliet Bennett Rylah is channeling Bukowski. Admirable. When I used transit in LA, I admired the cleverness of the homeless at bus stops. One fellow carried binoculars to study bus marquees as they approached. While in Sante Fe, crossing the country, I met an ethnologist who wrote a major book on homeless in urban areas and their survival strategies. He often works in Las Vegas, assisting casinos in drawing down the population as humanely as possible. One strategy he found employed at bus stops: accepting food that could not be taken on the bus. Ironically enough, I am looking at a panhandler working entrance of Meijers in Norton Shores, where people give clothing and food and money quite freely. It's come to the attention of one of my favorite county commissioners who is aghast. Being a former Grand Rapidian, you might remember Tami V and Well House: the solution to homelessness is housing. Wonder if this theme will lead to exploration of how LA solves homelessness with housing. Just a small observance. I am looking for a turn in your writing after reading for about two years. Can't perdict what it will be but after coming to an end of the earth, an extreme, a city with enough people to "produce" every human outcome, then what?

Best Wishes, Captain.

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