Saturday, November 2, 2013

Frederic A Reinecke is Muskegon's Leading Professional Photographer; Thus, His Vision for Muskegon Begins with Generosity and Continues with Engagement.

The Muskegon Museum of Art has the most incredible photographs of exhibitions and many are the work of the exceedingly generous photographer, Frederic A Reinecke.

Why say I generous? Reinecke's presence among the artists at Red Lotus for Muskegon Center for the Arts show, the Muskegon Lake Project, took the show up a quantum leap. Plus, Reinecke performed cast photographs for the Muskegon Community College production of Tartuffe. 

Those fine actors deserved the best photography for their headshots, and Reinecke delivered. Now, who was the designer of the excellent Tartuffe themed frames is what I want to know. For that matter, who was the designer who contributed the Tartuffe theme? Here we have art capturing the presence of young artists, framed by a skilled Graphic Artist following the direction of a most advance talent. The advanced talent, I believe, attended the final, Sunday production of Tartuffe. Names, dear reader, I want names and LinkedIn pages.

If I remember correctly,Tourcotte Studios takes cast photographs for productions by the Muskegon Civic Theater? It's gratifying to see, thanks to F.A.R. Photography, the Overbrook Players and the actors of MCC are extended the star treatment.

One day, the answers to all these questions will be common knowledge as Muskegon County explores the wealth of its artistic and cultural knowledge. Let us remember, as Alvin Toffler taught, knowledge is the new wealth and wikis, blogs and Kickstarters unlock it. Reinecke can be found on the crest of this tsunami, riding it like an Unsalted Surfer.

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