Thursday, May 15, 2014

The City Hub is the hot spot for cycling communities in downtown Muskegon, with four nights of planned activities.

The Hub is the hot spot for cycling communities in downtown Muskegon.

Tuesday is Spin Sisters, meeting at 6 PM. Three rides of differing
intensity, all the way up to hammering.
Tuesday is also Mountain Biking with Bicycle Bill out at Owasippe,
4:00 PM for experts; 5:30 PM for newbies. Call Bill to be sure of
start location. Owasippe is 9900 Russell Rd, Twin Lake.

Wednesday is the Social Ride, starting at Pigeon Hill, 7 PM and
returning there after frequent stops for hydration. Yes, that's the
ticket. It also ties into the Lakeshore Trail runners evening. It's
One in Twenty-One with really great microbrews, in moderation.

Thursday is the No-Drop ride, staring out at 6 PM. No Drop means that
the coordinator, Bill or Zac or Matt, has your back and won't let
anyone straggle.

Friday is the Beer:30 with the Mechanics, starting at 5:30 PM. Bring
your own bike and anything else that starts with a B.

Please share and bring a friend. Think of this as your night job,

City Hub is located at 585 W Clay Ave, Muskegon, MI, US, 49440 • (231) 563-6243

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