Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Throw Todd Hancock into the Shark Tank with Rick DeVos: Vote Tenden for Start Garden today! Click through for link. @GHArtWalk

Todd Hancock went on an inspirational vacation over the holidays. It's hardly stalking Todd to follow him on Facebook, and it appears that his partner and he traveled down to Nashville for more than the music. Maybe he went to Portland, but Todd is a little tight on his money, and a road trip down to Nashville suits him better, to my mind. It's just a few tanks of gas.
So, guessing Todd and partner traveled down to Nashville for a visit to Imogene and Willie at the original space, the clothing designers and producers with their heart in country music. Todd's vision is for Tenden to become the Imogene & Willie of Grand Haven, Michigan, with Todd and his team designing and sewing out of a store front, kind of like a C2C Gallery for clothing.
Speaking about Nashville music, Todd has had the opportunity to clothe some of the most interesting musicians touring with the great music of the land. Summer of 2013, the musicians of John C. Reilly and friends stood up on stages famous and modest dressed in clothing from Todd's sewing machine. Personally, I am here to tell you they all looked great and sounded great!
Todd got a little impulsive on us, and went after the five grand from Start Garden without telling a soul first. Wish he could have gotten his team lined up behind him first. He's got two days and change to raise enough votes, and he's sitting at 90 page views right now, against about 330 views for the leader. That doesn't matter. If everyone who loves Todd turns out. We can deliver the nod for Todd.
Reading his business plan, I see what he wants to do. However, I've been drinking at his bartop for almost six years now, so I've watched him develop his vision. Start Garden might not buy into his plan as written for the long run. It won't be the first time I've rewritten a business plan for a second time successful Start Garden run. But I will. I really want Todd in the Start Garden shark's tank this January. But we can do this on the first try, today.
Todd's going to grow when he swims in Rick DeVos's shark tank. Everybody does, even those people who are not selected for the next level of investment. I'm thinking about my friend, Ronnie Edison, and his Lo-Brow Cafe, who won on his second try with a biz plan punched up by the Captain. Ronnie bought an artisanal ice cream machine with the money and attended all the classes and soaked up a lot of knowledge. I'm keeping an eye for when Ronnie opens that prototype store.
Besides, I want to see Rick DeVos dressed in Tenden for ArtPrize 2014, making him look even more zeitgeisty. Don't you all?  Let's get the lock for Hancock!

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