Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dov Harel Talpaz has Exhorted the Captain to Take A Closer Look at the Paintings of Ralph Albert Blakelock, and Finally, Captain Does, Delightedly Does.

Dov Harel Talpaz has employed the current painter "chain letter" game to coax me to take a closer look at Ralph Blakelock, and I'm glad he worked on this aim since Early Winter 2010. Blakelock is a fascinating study in art world economics and art world politics. He couldn't get a good price for one of his paintings, and when he finally struck a price, he tore the money into shreds in the throes of a nervous breakdown, according to legend. Then, when one of his paintings set a record for an auction record in 1916, a woman posing as a socialite found Blakelock in the asylum, after two decades in custodial care,  and pretty much ran his life and career until his death in 1919, keeping him painting but poor. 

I found this painting, At The Asylum, at a dealer who makes a market in Blakelock, Questroyal Fine Art. The University of Nebraska - Lincoln maintains archives, indexes and a collection of paintings. But why did Dov pick a painter who suffered from breakdowns and delusions for me to chase after? Now, in the spirit of good fun, now that I have fulfilled his assignment, I shall guide 

Dave Johnson after Mercedes Matter and
Kelly Craydon-Lenger after Jon McDonald. 

For good measure, I encourage the photographer engaging in commerce under the name of A Tiny Place to seek out one painting of a steam train, extra points for a canvas of a steam train by Paul Freidrich Meyerhiem.

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