Sunday, January 12, 2014

The #ArtWalkerFiles Remembers December 2011, a time when Seth Glier Had Yet to Perform at Seven Steps Up in Spring Lake, @PureMichigan.

Back in December 2011, I wrote the following about Seth Glier in advance of his first visit to Seven Steps Up. Call it #ClassicCaptain from the #ArtWalkerFiles. Glier must have still been an expectant Grammy nominee. For Gary & Michelle Hanks, Seth Glier looked like The Next Right Thing. Time has proven that a correct prediction.


I have never heard of Seth Glier. Maybe his lack of renown comes from his lack of age. Most of the acts on the stage of Seven Steps Up have a sip of a drink between songs. Seth, Gary Hanks will be forced by the laws of Michigan and the provision of his liquor license to card you. I guess this will be good practice for when Garrett Borns and his under twenty-one army of fans takes the stage later in 2012. Garrett is going to want to open for this Turk, pose for pictures.

Seth is making a campaign across Michigan, allowing folkies a chance to catch him before his album earns fame by winning a Grammy. He's up for the best engineered album. Oh yes, the young wunderkind engineered his own album. Has this renaissance young Turk ever sat for a college degree. I don't recommended it. College will only slow him down. I think he built the studio where he recorded his own vocals. Give him a master's degree in Indie Music and a bachelor's in social networking. Have you counted the services off his well designed web page? I haven't heard of some of those services before, such as iLike.

Does this cat have an hour in the afternoon to give a talk on music business for youth or a lecture on teaching yourself? I want to sign up.

January 15th is a choice Sunday booking. He arrives after playing Space in Evanston Illinois but before the 35th Annual Folk Festival on stage at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor and before he goes to pick up his Grammy in February.

Imagine that. After Seth Glier leaves 7SU, he'll be on the stage of Hill Auditorium and then the Grammy Stage.

Better pick up some sparkling NA Catawba for the dinner beforehand, Seven Steps Up folk. If this is your 2012 lead off, I best be buying season tickets.

Seth will not only headline at the Ark for a second time, he'll appear on the stage of the Kate: the Katherine Hepburn Center for the Arts in Old Saybrook, CT

The season is up at Seven Steps Up.

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