Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bob Walma Celebrates Growing Up Grand Haven with the Sweet Sisters and the Art of Christi Dreese, To a Bob Walma Soundtrack.

Your Captain loves when his partners, his artists and his business friends, reach out and update him on progress in art and commerce. Bob Walma has been all about art and commerce lately, especially after reviving the relevance of the Coal Tipple near the Grand Haven Farmer's Market. Dozens of artist have created Tipple Aid Art, and C2C Gallery made commerce happen by selling it to collectors. If you are artist with art you wished well purveyed, consider putting Cindy Casemier on the job. The artists at her gallery collaborate as well as the writers of the Algonquin Round Table

Something about Walma is a quirky as Benny Hill the Comedian, and that's all good and all due to Walma's time as an expat in jolly old London. In America, Walma and his camera and his film production skill keeps turning out hits that have all kinds of potential. And this has led to the Captain becoming the fan of a series called the Sweet Sisters, who I believe are the young ladies growing up in the home of Christi Dreese, the landscape master of the Grand River Valley and Grand Haven duneland. 

Bob reached out to me to tell me about the Sweet Sisters and their video holiday card. I was touched. I copied down all the artistic quotations. I pressed play more than three times. Please, enjoy this short vid as part of your holiday observance.

The transcript with Bob Walma follows:

Happy Holidays to you, Captain. In case you missed the posting yesterday, I hope you'll check out this latest video (it's only a couple minutes long). Sort of a tribute to art and artists and the creative process...I was quite pleased with how the various pieces fit together, and the kind of "mood" of the thing - could almost have been my Christmas card to everyone, except for the little detail that it has nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas - LOL. I don't know if you'll find it worth sharing out to the wider community or not, but even if not, I thought that as such a fan and cheerleader of the local arts scene, you might at least personally appreciate it...so it's kind of a Christmas card after all...lol... Hope you like... Happy New Year to you. bob walma

Of course I will share. Whatever progresses Bob Walma to his next level faster.

Wow, that's a well done exploration of the pictorial space of Christi Dreese although it made me think of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are at First. I am assuming that Kaelyn and Alexa Carter are Ms. Dreese's daughters. Now, it might be appropriate to mention composer and performer of the quirky, fun loving music.

Ahhh, thank you very much. I wouldn't usually push something under your notice if I didn't feel positive about it - lol. And since you ask, I am the composer/performer of said music track...I dabble in the privacy of my own home, but it felt like they'd go together this time... You're right about the kids being Christi's - I've been using them in these SWEET SISTER sitcom parodies (I love our little Christmas Special episode - lol), and wanted to do something entirely different with leftover footage. Thanks for any share or plug you can give...

Nice music, deliciously quirk. I was hoping it was original and of your construction. Sweet Sisters has a Facebook page?

no, but they're all on my Timeline and YouTube Channel... 

Delightfully to learn, the splendid, as in splendor, music is revealed to be from the musical talent of Bob Walma! I'll live for these revelations! [CAW]

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