Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Had Been Looking for the Goddess Emerging Paintings of Kate Henriott Jauw Since I Heard Her Describe Them in Muskegon.

I heard Kate Henriott Jauw and her husband, Ted Jauw, speak at Unity Church of Muskegon. The husband and wife team returned to the church Sunday, November 3rd for the second in a continuing series, although I missed the session and community dinner to write and make an evening meal of Bento Box from Hana Hibachi. Henriott Jauw described a series of paintings of Goddesses she had undertaken and yet, locating pictures on the internet eluded me until tonight. The Jauw family have a connection to a tribe of artists and visionaries, including Bethany Greiner, who exhibited skull sculptures for Richard App's Day of the Dead Celebration. Discovering Greiner led me to the Jauw's.

I understand the team will visit again the first Sunday in December.

The Jauw family champion the life of the spirit and the power of story. I anticipate watching the development of this series of Goddesses now that I have found a way to follow.

By the way, Ted, I was moved by your year of being "f*#^ked", your crying in the Badlands for three days and your pilgrimage to Esalen and Henry Miller's retreat in Big Sur. If ever I am "f*#^ked", I will take refuge their along the Pacific too.

It won't be my first rodeo in Esalen, so to speak. I was a student of Heckace in 2005.

Kate Henriott Jauw is a Painter and a Shaman

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