Sunday, November 3, 2013

Colors peak at Studio Mona, the Sky Devoid of Clouds as the Blue of November Sings.

The view sees a totally blue expanse of sky, clouds unable to form in the high pressure. This offsets wheat colored fields of cattail blades well, agrees well with full bowers of yellow and red hardwood leaves, crowns and canopies retaining their rainment, rains to wash clean twigs, branches. The camera's clicks scared off the blue herons settled in for a stalking hunt through a bayou, and as she winged across the cattails, I wondered if she hungered, flying so well on an empty stomach. I am a bad naturalist!

Her plumage has faded to a dull gray with black strokes on her forewings, nature granting camouflage for a season of dun woods and drab fields.

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