Thursday, October 31, 2013

Starter Art at the Adam Bird Studio Offers Chance to Retire Early by Buying Affordable Art Now, 11.1, 6-10 PM, #FreeRadical, Grand Rapids

Lisa Ambrose is selling works of art for less than one hundred dollars an item? I have checked in on the career of Lisa Ambrose for at least three years now, and she keeps growing into new modes of expression. Her tableaus in Super Sculpey allow her to win the third dimension of depth she was denied by a two dimensional surface of a painting. Not that she didn't successfully trick the eye in her canvases. Now if one could explain her fascination with the animal mouth, especially with sharpened teeth bared.
All of the participants deserve to be written down. If one is a collector and one follows artists to look for bursts of growth and turns of exploration, this is a good starter list.
Anna Van Milligen
Lynsey Marcellus
Evie Stormzand
Mary Winkler
Holly Wright
Hannah Kennedy
Claudia Pimentel
Damian Goidich
Stopping by the studio worth it to see the Artist as a Young Man, Adam Bird.

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