Thursday, October 31, 2013

Going to a Dojo, everybody. Shen Dojo Hosts the Limitless Space Opening 11.1 6 - 10 PM, #FreeRadical, Grand Rapids

Kate Lewis IS Ceramics and Space. Where does she teach her classes? All over the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. How does she exhibit her art work? One work of art at the cigar store a few shows ago, Avenue of the Arts, demonstrates the idea. She made ceramic objects, shells if one remembers correctly. She applied a reusable adhesive to each ceramic that allowed visitors to adjust the space between objects on a window.
In pictures of her ceramics positioned in arrays upon the floor of the dojo, the same principle applies. The space between each ceramic object might not be limitless, but the number of interactions between space and object is limitless.
She's also selling her clay mugs for five dollars a mug, the "dollar meal" of affordable art. And then her customers, budding collectors, carry the mugs home, generating a graph of edges radiating out from the Shen Dojo. This is so exceedingly thoughtful on her part. I would like to see the map of where all those mugs go after Friday night: without invading privacy.
Fascinating possibilities come into play when one realizes that Erwin Erkfitz has a mapping project underway that includes this year's Free Radical within scope.
Of all the curators for Free Radical, Lewis has spent the most time posting her invitations across Facebook and probably additional social networking sites. Again, she is creating a map of invitations that radiate out from Division Street that is certain to bring in an interesting crowd.
Like a grammar in the linguistic sense, the art of Kate Lewis is generative.
Now, will that Fennville gentleman from Virtue Cider bring along a keg again?

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