Tuesday, October 29, 2013

For #FreeRadical, West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology Hosts Artists Teaching in Teen Arts Program, Nov 1, 6 - 10 PM. BRING TEENS!

Let our teenagers stay up this evening and meet the instructors teaching Teen Arts at WMCAT. The programs are a wonderful opportunity for teens, and participation is sure to fire them up for learning for the rest of their high school, college and adult careers. 

The offerings place young people on teams, and teamwork plus knowledge plus high tech almost always wins. Run this list by your favorite young person and bring them along Friday night. It's not a school night, right?

Digital 3D Design Team
Graphic Design Team
Photography Team
Video Production Design Team
Illustration/Painting Team
Fashion Design Team
App Design Team

This is close to going to Kendall College of Arts and Design as a High School Student.

West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology http://www.wmcat.org/

Free Radical Gallery Night is a Program of the Avenue of the Arts: http://avenueforthearts.com/

Find A Teen and Enroll Them in Teen Arts Today: http://www.wmcat.org/teen-program/


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