Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A/Political in the Monroe Gallery of @UICA Sets Up Dynamic Between Political and Apolitical Imagery, Opens with #FreeRadical, 11/1, 6-10 PM

Now this web page enables the visitor to plan his visit in his imagination. I see in the list of names many artists whose work I have come to admire, such as Brett Colley. What arrives in delight and amazement: Taylor Overbey has found his vision accepted by the curator, Steven Michielsen. Overbey came to my notice on the wall of an all night diner in Grand Haven, the Rendezvous, part of the exhibition for Grand Haven Art Walk 2010. I noticed his advancement, starting from a strong and idiosyncratic talent, during the recent Salon at the Muskegon Museum of Arts.
This show is going to take study before entering the gallery.
I can see that this show has been gestating since July of 2013, and had its beginning as a show envisioned for Dinderbeck Studios.

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