Sunday, January 19, 2014

A.J. Moore Who Exhibits His Stainless Steel Art at Toast & Jams, Muskegon, Cuts with Waterjet Locally, with assistance from Inter Dyne Systems.

I had breakfast this morning at Toast & Jams, and while I waited a short time for my omelette, I viewed art that the owners allow locals to exhibit. It's long been a sales gallery for Dee Dwight, who has kept her bright and colorful paintings for sale upon the halls leading to the guest facilities. The house has a theme of automobile touring, showing scale model cars and murals celebrating Route 66 add ambiance to the space. As you make your way into Toast and Jams for breakfast, notice that all the universities in Michigan and most of the high schools in Muskegon are celebrated with a logo cut from shiny steel, most of it scrap, made beautiful, from Inter Dyne Systems, which makes office furnishings and high-end cabinetry using a high speed waterjet technology. These are the work of AJ Moore, who has a role managing at the facility near the Muskegon County Airport.

Even when I'm enjoying a hearty breakfast, art shows up in my world.


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