Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank You, Frank Petersen, City Manager @CityOfMuskegon, for Tour Today. Here's a Tour of Muskegon Neighborhoods on Facebook, and others.

Dear Frank Petersen, City Manager of the City of Muskegon

Here at the Muskegon Charette, We Love to Read the Muskegon Chronicle, and yet our community has moved into neighborhood communities on Facebook, with many of these groups exceedingly active. The Chronicle is great and yet the print and online presences are no longer the hub of Muskegon communication. 

It's tedious to post information into each one of them; however, on a fast computer, each can be posted in about twenty minutes with the same message. Joining each of these groups puts our finger on the pulse of the city, from a variety of channels.

It would be powerful if we advanced our use of social media in Muskegon, with all organizations making postings to the larger community groups going forward. 

That said, enjoy this virtual town we have constructed online, with no going back!

Click, Join, Back Button should do the trick for joining them all.

Designing a Better Muskegon
Muskegon Social Media Tag Team




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