Friday, December 27, 2013

#FreeArtFridayMKG Has Been Declared for Friday, January 3rd, 2014, 9 - 9 PM, @PureMuskegon, @PureMichigan. Please Share & Participate!

Painter Dan Parker brought the first #FreeArtFriday to Muskegon. Honoring Dan Parker's donation of more than 1000 dollars of art on a random Saturday before Christmas 2013 to patrons of Drip Drop Drink and Unruly Brewing and The Block, we invite all of Muskegon to participate in the Second #FreeArtFriday, January 3, 2014. Participation is simple. Is this well organized? Well, it's a flash mobby thing after all.

Here's a few ideas to help make #FreeArtFriday work okay this second time and keep us out of the slough of total anarchy, just a few inches above it.

1. Merely pick a modest work of art you wish to send on a merry way.

2. It doesn't have to be your original work of art. For example, a few participants will be buying modest items to position for #FreeArtFriday. Maybe the museum gift shops at Muskegon Museum of Art and the Lakeshore Museum Center will offer a discount for #FreeArtFriday? Ask them? It couldn't hurt. We are hoping that Louise Hopson of Art Cats Gallery will give a small incentive too.

2. Triple check it for safety. Items that look unsafe will have to be removed immediately by the #FreeArtFriday team. #FAF has to be as safe and carefree as Halloween.

3. Label #FreeArtFriday on a visible surface using an easy to remove label. To be sure, label art that shouldn't be adopted #NotFreeArtFriday. Community Foundation for Muskegon County, be sure to label the statue, "Muskegon Together Rising" because we want our Richard Hunt stay at Patricia Johnson Circle.

4. Bring it to a location in Muskegon where it can wait safely for a new friend to appear. An indoors location might work better than an outdoor location because of the snow. A #FAF gift should present no hazard to pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Be cool. Be safe. Be thoughtful.

5. If left indoors, maybe have a discussion with the owner of the premises. Maybe not. It depends on how street you want to be.

6. If you adopt a work of art on #FreeArtFriday, be sure to give it a good home and consider bringing a work of art for the next #FreeArtFriday. If this works a second time, it will become a monthly plan. And when it comes to #FreeArtFriday, regifting is encouraged!

7. If you adopt a work of art on #FreeArtFriday, be sure to photograph it and share it on social media, hashtagged #FreeArtFridayMKG.

It's okay to stay with the work of art. It's more fun if you stay close and talk to visitors and make connections, share business cards, exchange Facebook friends requests, set up dates to go painting al fresco. 

#FreeArtFriday is a national movement, with manifestations in Detroit, New York and EVEN WISCONSIN.

Although we haven't talked face to face with any of the great art organizations arising in Muskegon, the #FreeArtFriday team invites full participation from the top-notch membership of Muskegon's art and culture world, including, Muskegon Area Arts CouncilMchap MuskegonMuskegon Center for the ArtsDowntown MuskegonVisit MuskegonTEDx MuskegonCity of Muskegon GovernmentThe Mart DockMuskegon Green Drinks, Lakeshore Muskegon Chamber of Commerce, Love Community Garden and many many more.

Although the team is using Drip Drop Drink as a headquarters because the Russell Block Open Space is the official living room for downtown Muskegon, #FAF is a go for all neighborhoods. All our neighborhoods have safe places to let art stay until a new friend strolls along.

Please feel free to post comments and improvements upon this page and to post previews of #FreeArtFriday "gifts" to assist people in finding the items.

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