Monday, November 25, 2013

Love Him Or Hate Him, Photographer Tyler Shields Explores the Dirty Side of Hollywood Glamour, Now at Samuel Lynne Galleries, Dallas

Champagne Kiss, Tyler Shields, Lightjet Photographic Print, 2013
Submerged Mouth, Tyler Shields, Lightjet Photographic Print, 2013 calls Tyler Shields "Hollywood's hottest and most twisted photographer." GQ puts him in the "100 Best Things in the World." LA Weekly says, "The mystery behind his relationships and habits captivate the media, not unlike the art world's best-known friend of the famous, Andy Warhol."

Tyler Shields' controversial photography is constantly making headlines. When he gave Glee actress Heather Morris a black eye, it was the 2nd biggest news story in the United States, and he recently sold a wall-sized photograph to Gilmore Girls star Scott Patterson for $500,000, which he is using to fund his second feature film The Outlaw. His divisive photography featuring Lindsay Lohan wielding a bloody knife and gun was even global news on CNN. Shields has recently been attracting even more attention for his performance art and painting using a collection of celebrity blood.

Tyler's images are known to be featured on TMZ, US Weekly, People Magazine, Mail Online, and a series of the world's largest media channels, and his subjects include Zachary Quinto, Lindsay Lohan, Francesca Eastwood, Justin Long, Emma Roberts, and Abigail Breslin, and Ashley Greene. While Tyler's list of collaborators is impressive, his catalog of collectors serves to further substantiate his place in the art world. With movie stars, rock and roll stars, TV personalities, and studio executives acquiring his limited edition works, Tyler has become well known in his field.

Tyler Shields has recently completed filming his feature length film titled Final Girl, starring Oscar Nominated actress Abigail Breslin and The Hunger Games' Wes Bentley. He has also recently published the first two in his series of six novels titled Smartest Man and Richest Man. This November will additionally mark the launch of his first photography book, The Dirty Side of Glamour, published by Harper Collins.

On November 23, Samuel Lynne Galleries will present The Destruction of Glamour. This exhibition and simultaneous book launch party explores the paradigm of glamour and its destructive quality among the elite of young Hollywood. In addition to the international attention Tyler Shields has garnered for his controversial celebrity photography, the young artist also explores a unique avenue of gravity-defying stunt photography. In this uniquely eye-catching exhibition of large-scale photography, Shields combines his own recognizable brand of social commentary with a graphic style of imagery, vividly capturing the modern youth in America and celebrity culture.

For more information prior to the exhibition and book launch, please contact 214.965.9027 or e-mail Director Karen Bivins:

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