Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Quick Stop into Kalamazoo for the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Begins with Stop at Michigan News.

Good morning is the greeting to hear from me. We can all go out Art Walking today so we have experiences for our Art Talking later. Imagine Kalamazoo today as the ghinko leaves await sweeping off the sidewalk and as the trees of Bronson Park complete an autumn strip tease. Think what it is like to walk into the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts at Noon when one can only IMAGINE the visual treats awaiting on the walls. The main exhibition gallery has glass walls that command a view of Bronson Park, a park to send imagination on a field trip, a field trip to contemplate monuments of Lincoln,  statues of children playing.  Return to Kalamazoo and culture again and again in the mind,  each return a little more delightful than the prior. Feel the delight more each time imagination pictures the scene.

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