Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Susan Newhof, Author of Haunting Mystery "Spirits and Wine", Will Appear at the Lakeshore Museum Center, Muskegon, October 29th, 2013 at 6:00 PM

6:00 pm, Tuesday, October 29: Spirits and Wine

Join Susan Newhof at the Lakeshore Museum Center, 430 West Clay Ave,
as she tells about spending 12 years writing a mystery with a ghost in
it, inspired by things that were happening in her own home. Her book,
Spirits and Wine, was published by the University of Michigan Press in

"A graceful, elegantly told ghost story that is at times frightening,
at times heartwarming, often quite funny, and always an engrossing and
fascinating read."
---Rodney Vaccaro, Emmy Award–winning Hollywood screenwriter and producer

"I started Friday night and got up Saturday morning with a desire to
get back to it to finish. In my experience, if I wake up and the first
thing on my mind is getting back to a book, it's a good book."
---Bryan Uecker, co-owner of The Book Nook & Java Shop, Montague, Michigan

"Scare up a good glass of wine and settle in for a great read! Susan
Newhof's Spirits & Wine takes the reader on an unforgettably haunting
—Catherine Behrendt, Host, Take Five & Company, WZZM 13, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Jocelyn Shaw, the librarian at Hackley Public Library who schedules
programs said, "We like to support local authors (Susan is from
Montague), and are very excited to have her this close to Halloween."

Susan encourages audience members to share their ghost stories after
the program.

Due to ongoing construction at Hackley Public Library, the Lakeshore
Museum Center has graciously allowed us to hold the program in their
building. For more information call Hackley Public Library at

Susan Newhof is a local author living in Muskegon County

Hackley Public Library

Lakeshore Museum Center

Spirits and Wine

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