Thursday, October 17, 2013

Somone Alert Joshua Croff! Let's Save Michigan is Looking For Sharrows by Friday, October 18th.

Dear Friends,

The deadline for our Highways for Habitats contest is just one day away! 

Let's Save Michigan is giving away a brand new, Michigan-made bicycle, thanks to our sponsors at Detroit Bikes! to the best design for a new slice of Michigan roadway.  Our Highways for Habitats design competition asks you to (1) identify a road that is a drain on its community, and (2) redesign that road so that it works better for the community it bisects.

We're looking for those five-lane roads that divide a quaint downtown, or separate a neighborhood from a public park—those roads that make their surroundings feel unsafe to pedestrians and bicyclists, families with kids, and seniors waiting for the bus.  We want you to imagine a new version, one that works for all kinds of users, and that encourages community health and economic development.

Check out the sample entries we made to show you how easy it is to share your design.  Draw a picture, snap a photo of it with your camera phone and submit that.  So long as you effectively get across your concept, you've got a shot at the prize.  We aren't looking for professional caliber designs—it's your brilliant idea that counts.  Entries are due by midnight on Friday, October 18.

It's been done all over the world: roads can conduct vehicles while helping to foster community and economic development.  With your help, we can show Michigan's leaders how.
Sarah Szurpicki
Project Coordinator

Let's Save Michigan
1675 Green Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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