Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kudos to Kim Talaga and the Grand Haven Art Walk team for keeping a beautiful flow of information going on Facebook. And more

Kim Talaga has a leadership role with The Chamber of Commerce of Grand
Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg. She also has had a huge role in
making this year's ArtWalk go off without a hitch and with plenty of
happiness for all, thanks to the ArtWalk team. As the Centertown Block
Party wound down, time lapse photography was not necessary to
emphasize the speed of the clean up and take down work. The team had
the tables stacked and the chairs leaned against a wall for pickup in
record time. I had an impulse to help out, and it happened all too
fast. That is to say, I might need a head start just to keep up with
Kim Talaga and her team.

We all have to admire how the Grand Haven Art Walk page had fresh
content, timely content, almost on the hour. I've tuned in several
times a day since September started, and I felt I was viewing a news
cast. Many of us, the unofficial social media outreach team, had
plenty of pictures and facts to share with our readers. We all know it
was Talaga and team uploading numerous pictures and typing in
postings,and surely we won a few extra visitors thanks to the steady
flow of information.

I especially appreciated the extensive pictures posted documenting
more than one hundred youth competition entries. The ArtWalk has got
the new generations marching, and that's the biggest win of them all.

Eileen, the energetic woman with roots in Holland who makes the Fire
Barn Gallery and the Grand Haven Art Walk a personal expression of her
bright personality, said it best when it comes to Kim Talaga as a
painter. She announced enthusiastically to a group of volunteers at
the Tri-Cities Museum, and I paraphrase, "I simply must go see Kim
Talaga's work at Jelly's and Snug Harbor". That is to say, Talaga's
work is worth a stride across town and down to the river just to
experience. If one knows Eileen, striding is a strong point.

Please be sure to thank Kim Talaga personally and check out her
business in communication, graphic design and social media production.

Kim Talaga painted a table for the third annual Adirondack Auction for
the Northwest Ottawa County Chamber Foundation

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