Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gaspard Presents Its Sixth Show, Sacred & Profane, Exhibiting New Photographs of Chris Cox, 11.1, 6 - 10 PM, #FreeRadical

Gaspard functions not unlike a rock band and not unlike a publishing house. Not everyone can be on the bus for with a rock band, as anyone who has watched Brett Michaels on television has been told. Maybe others enter the door and starting counting Byronesque Heros?
As a membership gallery or collaborative, the atmosphere here is far more rare than Grand Valley Artists or Uptown Gallery. I even feel much more relaxed at Craft House. The atmosphere is more like an evening at the Fire Barn Gallery. The art is often sublime at the FBG. How to place ones work on the wall of the FBG might as well be a gnostic mystery. There's a pleasure that comes when one realizes that.
Yes, there is an open call at Gaspard, apparently for members and exhibitions. Many are called and few are chosen.
The above sentences are not criticisms. An art career cannot afford an absence of boundaries. A sensibility must protect itself.
I can say sixth show, and yet, only the members of Gaspard can give a correct count. I can say four members constitute Gaspard, and yet, only the members can give a correct count. That is to say, the gallery has the glamour of a secret society for all the insight its web presence grants the outsider.
There is a respect for language among the initiated. This is the language submited to the Avenue of the Arts.  

Gaspard is pleased to present a public installation of new photographic works by Chris Cox. These photographs give insight into the forthcoming artist book to be published and released by Gaspard December 2013.

In other words, we should not expect to see the photographs from Beholder, photographs by Chris Cox, book designed by Ben Biondo.
Take a deep breath before stepping in from the street.
Sacred & Profane? Gaspard might have access to those ideals.

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