Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blueberry Haven on Washington Boulevard Celebrates relationship with Grand Haven Art Walk Artist, Lori McElrath Eslick.

I liked this article so well, I am reprinting it, web links to lead you to Blueberry Haven. Story tells how to establish a beautiful business relationship with an visual artist.

Something very exciting is coming to Grand Haven September 18-October 5. It’s not ArtPrize, but it is ArtWalk 2013, and once again, Grand Haven is rolling out the red carpet to welcome both locals and visitors to this exciting event. There are 54 venues to visit this year; most are in the downtown area, and all are within walking distance.

Blueberry Haven (venue #18) is proud to be a part of ArtWalk 2013. We are welcoming back two artists we featured last year in our store.
Carrie Frifeldt’s sculpture, “Evolve” (locked, caged and set free) is sure to wow visitors who come in to sneak a peek at this creative piece of art.

Also featured in our store will be Lori Eslick’s oil painting, “Gull Flying with the Sun Setting.” Lori and I have a little history together as she is the artist who designed our original store logo.

When I first came up with the idea of Blueberry Haven, I knew I would need some type of logo to really capture my feeling of “beaches, berries and bliss.” So, I pulled out an old (1998) phone book I had stashed in my house, and I looked under the heading, “Graphic Designers.” I saw Lori’s name, called her number, and left her a message about what I was looking for. When she called me back, she was very sweet on the phone and explained that she didn’t do much graphic design work anymore. Lucky for me, Lori was currently between projects and thought my idea sounded very interesting, and decided it was
something she would love to be a part of. She said she would give me a call when she had a sketch for me to look at. I was thrilled!

I had no clue that this person who agreed to work with me was actually an artist who has been nominated for and has won awards throughout the United States. Her artwork has also been shown in art museums in New York, Stockholm, Italy, and more. Even more impressive, I found out that Lori is currently an illustrator for children’s books -- not just one book -- multiple books. Wow -- what a great find for me (and my business), right here in Grand Haven.

My sister Katie and I met Lori at Morning Star restaurant shortly after my first phone conversation when I explained what type of logo I was looking for. Lori sat across from us in our booth and pushed the artwork across the table. I didn’t know what to expect, but when I looked down, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the design showed nearly everything I had in mind. After a few small tweaks -- adding the sandpiper and the Mitten of Michigan -- we had a great design for our logo that would represent our store and all our product labels. If you look closely at our labels, you will notice the sandpiper and that one of the blueberries is in the shape of the Michigan Mitten.

We are so fortunate in Grand Haven to be able to display both Carrie’s and Lori’s artwork during ArtWalk 2013. We may be a little biased, but we think both of their pieces will be winners -- come in to Blueberry
Haven and check them out for yourself.

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