Sunday, September 27, 2015

Captain Art Walk writes a Thank You Letter to Carole and Steve Loftis, A Couple Who Believed in @GHArtWalk

Lovely to see the two of you in Traverse City, watching the two of you sharing soup and bread, chatting with a friend. Two places in Traverse City have always seemed reliable for writing, Oryana and Horizon Books, and by the end of the day I'll visit the bookstore. Right now, one can write outside on the tables provided. My writing is often set in terms of wandering and I show up in a location and write, this weekend the salmon weir and the crossing of the North Country Trail and US 131. As we are Facebook friends, these posts go first onto my page. 

Tyler Loftis and Chris Protas have always encouraged me to add drawings to them, and since I take pictures, it's entirely possible that they'll get their wish. Ironically enough, today's movie at the Bijou is "A Walk in the Woods", Bill Bryson's account of walking the Appalachian Trail with the only person who could cut lose to walk with him. It's ironic because this morning I interviewed a man walking the North Country Trail and wrote an essay about him.

Attached, here's a pair worth drawing.

Facebook has a quality that makes walking purposeful. I've started to write plays and Saturday morning I discovered the Community Theater Association of Michigan conference in Cadillac. By noon, I had talked to all the directors and was crewing for the one act plays performed that afternoon. Now I have places with familiar faces where I can send my scripts.

As for building a community theater and cultural complex in Grand Haven, in a way that's been done twice over. We have an astounding theater in the community center. We have a plush theater in middle school. The two both saw good usage thanks in part to ArtWalk, partly your husband's brain child. At the library, I enjoyed a lecture on Marshall Fredericks delivered by the official archivist of his papers and photographs. At the middle school, a good audience turned up for Picking Cotton, a national traveling act. At the Fire Barn Gallery, we had David Heino and the artist alumni, and Heino gave a presentation that only a self-effacing artist could deliver. Maggie Bandstra secured the space in the new Grand Armory Brewing Company complex for art, and Saturday night, Barb Carlson taught her Zentangling method of drawing admist a collection of ArtWalk paintings on exhibit. Why do I go into such detail. That arts and culture complex your husband and you envision when you bought the theater? It seems to have been realized in a distributed way in buildings throughout the town, public buildings and pubs too.

Good work!

Any who, time to catch a movie and then return to the river to try and catch some salmon. Right now, the only place I can get a salmon benedict is from the Dee Light Diner, which is great. But teach a man to fish and he can make his own Salmon Bene for the rest of his life. I'll still go to the Theater Bar for drinks, so don't worry.

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