Friday, March 27, 2015

A Young Lady Was Conducting An Imaginary Symphony in the Balcony of the Frauenthal ---> So Let's Send Her to Click Clack Moo !


We were talking up in the balcony after the Beethoven and Blue Jeans
Concert, and we noticed that one of the young ladies in your party was
conducting an imaginary orchestra. So I promised to send you
information on all the programming the West Michigan Symphony has for
children and young people.
We have a double header, one for adults & one for kids. Concert
Saturday night is ten dollars a ticket. I'm unsure if its kid
appropriate, but it does get a guest and you wandering around the
Block, the symphony's office, asking questions. Marcy Richardson
should be a good time & you can't beat the price. Plus, well, it's
going to be a little spicy.

The Children's Choir is singing on Sunday, twice. Children in your
group will probably know a number of the children in the choir. That
should be a good experience.

I'm a bit of a fail in that the second concert has passed in the
series of music composed for young kids. Worry little as the final
concert goes off in April. Scott Speck the conductor attends, so it's
highly likely he'll talk to that young lady about his baton, which of
course is a magic wand for music.

There you go. All connected. Captain

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