Sunday, February 2, 2014

The 8th Annual Pub Pedal Returns to Muskegon at the End of May, Beginning of June. Watch These Spaces for News!

I am a member of the Muskegon Bike to Work Week Committee and we love what the Pub Pedal accomplishes. The entire month of May is a celebration of bicycling commuting, and we have about 300 people who sign up to participate in our challenges and win prizes, representing about thirty employers in the area, including Mercy Health and the Community College. We would love to help get out the word about the 8th Annual Pub Pedal. Especially helping more people find the link to buy the coveted Pub Pedal tee shirts on Etsy.

One way to connect would be to share with us an email where we can send meeting announcements and minutes. We'll join your Facebook events and share with our lists, which includes the United Way and Habitat for Humanity bicycling teams.

I am also friends with Todd Harmon, owner of the Skeetown Tavern, and although he's not on Lakeshore Drive or the bike trail, the Saloon does have easy access to McGraft park and can be a spur of the tour and a place where folks can park cars and cycle down to the fun. How does Skeetown propose itself as a station and help in the selling of the tee shirts. If you would like to call Todd, his phone number is 999-999-9999.

Thanks for making Muskegon a fun place to live,

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