Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mary Sundstrom Illustrated Rosy Mound Nature Area, Grand Haven @PureMichigan, in Pastels, the 6/22/2013 Pick for Picture Day. #ArtWalkerFiles

Picture of the day honor is awarded to Mary Sundstrom, whose picture invites all to explore the dune land oak groves and marram grass beaches of Rosy Mound. Top of Rosy Mound remains in private hands and the dunes still host sand-mining. This industry along the essential dune lands of Lake Michigan's shore has entered the sunset phase. One sand miner whose pits inhabit the woods south of Kruse Park has plans to move operations inland to a pit with a hundred year supply. The land around the flooded pits will in time be transformed into upscale housing. Rosy Mound in story once had wild roses growing on top. Rosy Mound in folklore once refracted morning and evening sun into rosy hues. Great work we acknowledge with gratitude, Sundstrom. Good knowing that great local artists are helping protect our natural resources by celebrating them in plein air compositions.

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