Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Tenth Birthday, @PintsQuarts, as the Roosevelt Park @PureMichigan Pub Landmark Celebrates Tuesday, December 3, 2014

Let's see, that means Pints & Quarts opened for business in 2004. It rather gives us a timeline for Harris Hospitality, although a history from the business itself might be in order. Friends of the business might wish to say when Dockers, CF Prime, Verdoni's  and Olivia's came on line. We have all noted the Dutch Bakery van parked behind Verdoni's, so that leads us to believe that the renovation of the space on McCracken is Harris Hospitality too.
We hear that the Hodgepodge Bakery will offer an array of baked goods, including pizza and will feature curb-side delivery to homes, including beers & wines. A series of cute subcompact vehicles await this mission out front of the renovating location of the former Dutch Bakery. When one has been in business for a decade and maybe more, there's no hurried rush to bring a business online until all the details are in order, so us trolls out on the internet graciously await the ribbon cutting. Hodgepodge delivery could save the day during Christmas entertaining, just saying.
Leo and Kathy worked pretty hard on their business, and it looked to us that the couple at Dutch Bakery got a chance to retire with a good deal for their business. I'm not sure what Leo will do with himself in the mornings without us to visit him in the morning and talk news of the community. It was easy to notice Leo paying calls at Dockers because he was selling the house many delicious rolls and quality baked goods. Leo really put some miles on that van!
Since we've been pretty much cyberstalking the Harris Hospitality social media team since 2008, the year of their fourth birthday, we wish to take this chance to wish the establishment a happy decade.
Looking for construction updates on the beach location. If HH wanted to leak news, this is a place that is happy to let a few details drop.
Wilbo and the Captain.

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