Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When Lauren Kane Mattone Recommends An Artist, Captain Listens. Kate Lewis Tried to Alert Captain About Jeff Blandford of Volmod Ceramics Summer 2012.

That's the way the Captain loves to run his blog and his steamship. A friend says take a cruise down to Saugatuck to check out a top notch potter, the Captain fires up the boiler and raises a full head of steam. This isn't the first time Jeff Blandford has been recommended to the Captain. Ceramicist Kate Lewis invited him to Mr. Blandford's studio opening in Summer of 2012. Lewis practices pottery nearby in Fennville, at Khnemu Studio at Fernwood Farm, so there's a society of Blue Star Highway ceramicists apparently.

I have to admit. From the first glance, Jeff Blandford has the skills to spin the potter's wheel. I am fascinated from the beginning, and it's not just from staring at that hypnotically spinning wheel. 

It's always pleasant to hear from members of the Captain's crew, especially one so talented as Lauren Kane Mattone. She writes from the perspective of a teacher who has seen her student grow and develop into a wonderful artist. That shows a bit of the touch of Mattone's teaching surely. She writes as follows:

Hey there, Cap'n! I'm wondering if you know Jeff Blandford. He's an artist in Saugatuck. He does ceramics and now glass. He's amazing. He's also a former student of mine. He has a shop in Saugatuck across the street from Monroe's Cafe. He's done very well for himself for such a youngster...he's 29 and has been doing this seriously since high school. We've stayed in touch over the years but he's doing some really cool stuff over there.

Looks like that website is not totally updated but you can google Jeff Blandford or Volmod Ceramics and find loads on him. Also...this video is kinda fun to watch.

Anyway, you're a fan of the arts and I thought I'd steer you in his direction. If you're ever in Saugatuck you should check his stuff out.

Hope you're doing well. I still want to say thank you in person one of these days.


As I wrote to Lauren, "Send me the name of a great talent, and I'm in your debt and no thanks necessary! I live to serve."

Lauren Kane Mattone, teacher of French and Spanish, performs with the band, Barefoot Sunday.

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