Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We've Missed the Tuesday, 11.5.2013 Irish Jam Session at Hennessy's; Try the Conklin Ceili on Friday 11.8, 9-11:59 PM

The Irish Jam is the first Tuesday of the Month if my memory serves me correct, and it's from 7 until 9 PM. Thus, Kenny Johnson might have had an Irish Jam for his victory celebration Tuesday night.
It might still be the members of Tiki O'Riley who are playing the music at Hennessy's for that Irish Jam. It's such a pleasant evening as the band members will reach out and be social with you, which is more than the likes of me deserves.
If you are whining about missing that lovely moment, come back to Hennessy's Friday Night at 9:00 PM for the Conklin Ceili. They'll play until midnight.

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