Monday, November 11, 2013

Want Greatness in GR Business? Then Attend Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence Events: Bill Van Steenis 11.12 Holland, Laura Caprara 11.21 Wyoming.

A reminder that Bill Van Steenis (Author of In-Demand) will be speaking at The WareHaus in Holland Tuesday evening. The WareHouse is a co-working site in Holland

Grape's Business Leads Group meets late Tuesday afternoon at ITT Tech in Wyoming; and

Laura Caprara will be speaking on Thursday, Nov 21st at ITT Tech on Social Media

Finally, tell a friend about GRAPE and help keep it viable.

Read Bill Van Steenis, In-Demand, Before the Meeting! Amazon.Com Let's You Look Inside for A Quick Briefing!

Read Bill Van Steenis's Earlier Book, The ReExamined Life.

Learn About Co-Working: I'm Outta Here!

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