Thursday, November 7, 2013

@TedXMuskegon is Highly Interactive. Watch LiveStream at Http://www.TEDxMuskegon.Com or Text MUSKEGON plus message to 22333.

TEDxMuskegon is our county's annual date with the zeitgeist. Knowledge has a strange last mile issue. Knowledge doesn't arrive and create positive change until our people make it welcome in notebooks, spreadsheets and iPads. Knowledge and Wisdom permeate the Internet, and yet Muskegon has to know how to connect the good word to Western Avenue and all the cities and villages of the county. We have to know who to welcome. And so, we learn to welcome thought leaders.
TEDxMuskegon builds local thought leaders into international voices and brings international voices to Muskegon so all thought leaders know the route. In particular, this writer enthusiastically awaits the TEDx debut of Chris Willis.
Since the first TEDxMuskegon, we have watched as our community has experimented with this interactive channel. For example, the Community Foundation for Muskegon County has sponsored a watch room in the Beardsley Theater, open to all for the sake of watching the January Series from Calvin College. We have watched as the West Michigan Symphony built a living room for the world of Avante Garde music, The Block carved out of the newly opened Russell Block. Rumor has it, another educational institution is about to open in The Block: Unruly Brewing Company. Count down, three weeks or sooner.
College is not the only fountain of knowledge where we go to drink.

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