Monday, November 11, 2013

Ginny Lei Is About to Promote Art of the World All Over the South American Country of Columbia. Join AOTW and Support Gambian Arts!

Art Of The World is an international art gallery that fully supports artists all over the globe. It is a nonprofit company focused on giving every artist the chance to have their art seen all over the world. Focusing on exhibiting the diverse artists everywhere in the United States, international artist Ginny Lei created Art of the World, and artists world wide have flocked to support her mission.

Ginny Lei's goal was to help fellow artists who are in less fortunate areas get their work into the stream of the art scene. After four years of success for her members, Ginny Lei started an international project titled, "Uniting the World Through Art." This project has been recruiting an artist from every country to represent their land with one piece of art to be united as a World Art Sculpture. 

This sculpture will be made of glass and will hold a painting from an amazing artist from every country. This project will be owned by everyone and no one all at the same time. The goal is to take this sculpture to every country that participates. The plan is to honor every artist whose art is representing his or her nation.

This Uniting the World Through Art project will prove that the world can work together in peace to accomplish one goal. Ginny Lei believes that no matter what strife the world is experiencing, there are always ways to work together to accomplish one goal. Her project will prove that we as humans can accomplish huge things together.

We need your help. Art of the World and Ginny Lei are looking to recruit artists for all countries. Currently there are 74 countries working on this goal. Many more are needed. Art of the World is asking for a global call to artists. Please keep in mind that this organization is a nonprofit. All money that is put into this project comes from the sales of Ginny Lei's personal art. All profits go to helping other artists and the areas where the artists live. You could say Art of the World is creating an international call to all who believe in this project and want to support in any way. Your help would be much appreciated by the artists of the world.

This organization not only helps the world see art that would otherwise not be seen, it also builds and encourages confidence in artists who have no support. This project sends supplies to artists in less fortunate situations. It rescues areas of the globe that are suffering. Today, Art of the World is helping build a new industry for a small village in Gambia. This industry will help not only help the artist that is living in the village, it will assist the entire village to be able to live more comfortably.

Specs for art that will be considered need to be under two feet high by twenty-two inches wide or smaller. If there is a piece that you have already done that you think fits this project perfectly, you may submit it. However, due to limited space, the sizes are a strong suggestion. All pieces must be original works of art. Prints and photography are not requested at this time. Otherwise, the work may be done in any medium the artist wishes. Art on canvas is preferred; drawings done on good quality paper are welcome too.

For more information, see Art of the World on Facebook.


  1. I think this is an opportunity were artist are going to showcase their creative thinking and what they think can assist our youth of today.I am press NGWANYAM LORATERR ADOLF from CAMEROON

  2. Please share article in Africa?