Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Example of Art Upon Art, Four Levels Deep: Tom Brosseau Pen and Ink Drawing, Tip Top Deluxe, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Kathy MacPherson,
I have a friend, Todd Hancock, who makes custom clothes at Tenden, and he has designed and hand-crafted wardrobes for John C. Reilly and Friends. Tom Brosseau made a sweep through Michigan, and he wore Mr. Hancock's clothing during his tour.
I have learned through his agent, Mary Jones, that the pen and ink drawings for his tour came from the pen of Kathy MacPherson of Los Angeles. With a bit of Googling, I found this address for your work at the Ben Maltz Gallery of Otis College of Art. I hope this effort to connect all the dots is okay. I noticed the poster in a hallway of the Tip Top, and realized afterwards it had the marks of an original work of art. In other words, the artist had made one poster, perhaps, for each engagement on the tour. I have contacted my favorite bartender there, Jackie Martin, to put it aside.
As I wrote Mr. Andru Bemis and Ms. Jones,
"I have been wondering about a poster an artist drew for the Tom Brosseau show at Tip Top Deluxe in Grand Rapids. It's an actual pen sketch of Brosseau, and he's wearing a Tenden shirt by Todd Hancock. The humor comes from an imaginary cut in Tom's shoulder, his guitar strumming hand strumming the guitar, no connection required. I am wondering who drew this imaginative drawing."
I posted a picture of the image and a woman commented. "Sooo cool. I especially like the detachable arms!" I wrote Todd, "You're such a clever mender, you could fix even that"!
This is a brilliant example of art upon art, four levels deep at least. Tom's music inspired Todd's design and in turn inspired Kathy MacPherson, and all the patrons got to see this wonderful poster at a club known for art and music. I have asked Ms. Martin to hold onto the poster for me, and I probably should encourage her to preserve the artifact for herself as a fine example of Americana.
Keep Up the Wonderful Work!

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