Saturday, October 12, 2013

Make your Art Work Visible for Miles and Miles, Enter the Mart Dock's "New Face for Muskegon Lake" Mural Competition

Create a New Face for Muskegon Lake!
Out with the old! Muskegon's port is crying for a new image. YOU can help shape that image . . . and win $500!!!
Submit one design, either a mural or slogan, for the Mart Dock's large storage building (300 ft. x 36 ft. side) fronting Muskegon Lake. The building is currently steel sided with a red base, but any colors will be considered.
We encourage creativity and/or practicality. The Mart Dock will pick and post 10 submissions. From the 10, the submission with the most "likes" on Facebook will receive a 'People's Choice Award' of $500. The Mart Dock will pick another submission from the 10 for the 'Mart Dock Award', also worth $500. The 'Mart Dock Award' will be weighted towards practicality.
Participants agree to allow the Mart Dock to use their design on the storage building. Mart Dock reserves the right to incorporate any of the designs or slogans on their building. The Mart Dock may or may not use any of the designs or slogans submitted.
This contest requires a minimum of 20 individuals to enter the contest. We want to encourage others to discover Muskegon and bring their talents to our community . . . the contest is open to all.
To enter, please send us a message on our Facebook page along with an attachment of your design, either mural or slogan. Deadline to enter will be determined and announced at a later date, but will be no later than November 15, 2013.
Mural submission is a work of art by Hahana Bear.
Visit the Mart Dock, home of the LST 393 and the Port City Princess:

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