Saturday, October 19, 2013

Feeding the Soul of the City is a Lunch Time Concert that Nourishes Soul and Body; The Series Continues with Prizm on October 22, 2013, 12:15 PM, at St. Paul's Episcopal, Muskegon.

The concert packs a maximum amount of music in a minimum of time. If you forgot to pack a lunch, soup and sandwiches are available in the community room for a small price. The music is and always will be free. A free will offering will be collected, but let the collection plate go by if short on funds. For October 22nd, Prizm performs, a classical music ensemble, and the ensemble includes many members who perform with the West Michigan Symphony. Concerts begin at 12:15 PM and finish at 12:45 PM. The pews of the sanctuary fill, but it has never been standing room only as long as this writer has attended. There's always been room for at least two hundred more souls of the city desiring nourishment and solace. The light that passes through St. Paul's stained glass windows has a soothing effect that enhances the experience of early afternoon music, even during the winter months. 

Look for the concert on the Third Tuesday of every month until May arrives. The concerts have continued since February 2001 to honor John Robert Welsh, a local musician. The concerts cost the church's patrons around twelve thousand dollars a year to produce, so feel free to share from your time, talent and treasure to support the series.

Muskegon endures as a town thriving with music, and in some ways, we live through a diminished age where the great choirs of early time have folded. On the other hand, we see the symphony thriving and the Frauenthal booking more and more shows, as well as the Howmet Theater. So many musical stories go under reported. For example, a new symphony has been holding weekly rehearsals. For example, the Viking Club annually teaches members to sing in Swedish for a choral performance. 

St Paul's Muskegon is One of the Great Stone Churches of Muskegon

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