Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brian Clincy has Stepped Up to Bring 12 Years A Slave to Muskegon February 2014. Needs Help!

Muskegon Multicultural Beach Festival is looking for Partners to bring and to have a free public showing of "12 Years a Slave" in a venue in Muskegon for Black History Month in February. This will be prior to its pre-release date to DVD. I talked to the film Distributor who manages the showing rights of the movie about the cost to show it as an non-profit organization in Muskegon. It is very doable and with a couple of collaborators we can make it happen. This is a powerful film that our community must see. If you are interested in collaborating with MMBF on bringing this film to Muskegon please contact me (231) 206-5780 or at Remember Sharing is Caring! Facebook

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