Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blueberry Haven Celebrates its Ongoing Relationship with Artist Carrie Frifeldt, Silversmith, Mixed-Media Artist and Inventor.

Please admire Blueberry Haven for developing a relationship with artist Carrie Frifeldt, a connection celebrated in the shop's recent blog post.
Have you had a chance to check out ArtWalk 2013 happening right now in Grand Haven? Well, if you haven’t,  you have until October 18 to venture out to the 54 different venues that are mostly within walking distance. The weather has been beautiful, and it looks like it’s going to continue to be perfect weather for walking around and checking out the art scattered around our downtown.

Since Blueberry Haven is part of ArtWalk 2013, we have been thrilled to see so many people coming in to check out the two pieces of art we have displayed in our store. Last week, I told you about our connection to Lori Eslick, the artist who created the oil painting, “Gull Flying with the Sun Setting.”

This week, I’d like to highlight another artist whose art is featured at Blueberry Haven. Carrie Frifeldt’s sculpture, “Evolve” (locked, caged and set free) is amazing and something you won’t want to miss.
Carrie explained her piece to my 12-year-old son Cayce, saying, “It’s like your spirit is locked up and then it’s set free.” He looked at her with a puzzled look, and Carrie explained to him that artists are “kind of funky like that.” Being a happy 12-year-old, he was fine with that explanation and just said, “okay.”

I met Carrie last year when she approached me about displaying her sculpture for ArtWalk 2012 in Blueberry Haven. I had never met Carrie before, but I instantly liked her. She explained to me that her piece was a sterling silver pendant replica of the Grand Haven Lighthouse. She also told me she would be creating more lighthouses in a smaller version to support Grand Haven’s “Pier Project.” This project was started to ensure that Grand Haven’s historic lighthouse will remain in the best shape possible for many generations.

Carrie’s lighthouse piece was inspired by her friend, Jeffrey Jordan, a captain of a boat, so the piece is from the view of a boater coming into the channel. Unfortunately Jeffrey lost his battle with cancer before Carrie had finished her lighthouse replica, so he never saw the beautiful piece Carrie created. 

Coincidentally, I also knew Jeffrey. He had helped my dear friend during the loss of her mother to cancer. Who would have known that he too would lose his life in the same way just a few years later?

So, I thank Carrie for creating the “Pier Project” Lighthouse Pendant Sculpture which is currently on display at J. Morgan Ltd. in downtown Grand Haven. And, we are honored to present Carrie’s sculpture this year in Blueberry Haven.

Here’s also to Jeffrey Jordan -- know that you are missed.

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