Thursday, September 26, 2013

Michael Farr Coston, the Most Interesting Sculptor in the World, Finds Old Friends at the Centertown Block Party.

Michael Farrer Coston has bypassed participating in #GHArtWalk2013, although his sculpture commissioned by the Verplank family stands at the heart of downtown Grand Haven, a cherry wood and industrial pipe sculpture titled "Abstract Pedestrian". He's on exhibition, showing out of competition and visible to all visitors. Checking the ArtPrize web site,

Coston has apparently bypassed participating in ArtPrize after showing his sculptures adjacent to a painting by Jacqueline Gilmore at the B.O.B. Coston has had a great year in the arts so ArtPrize has less appeal for him. He has opened a major show in Cincinnati at Bromwell's Gallery. He's focused at arranging his exhibition at Art Basel, early December 2013 in Miami Beach.

He's one of the beautiful people on the Lincoln Street Mall in the heart of Miami Beach; he also made the scene at tonight's Centertown Block Party. Judging from his photography, Coston made the scene out in the wood of Fruitport, enjoying the architecturally inspired floral sculptures at Nature's Creative Edge. Coston, a designer of furniture and a sculptor, might be described as a gentleman who doesn't have to chase after fame calculated by an iPhone app. He can make the world work by focusing on his wood and chisels.

I'm not sure Coston even needs to go to a restaurant for cuisine anymore. For example, one of his friends is a chef who lives on the grounds of Hampton Green. Hampton Green raises a breed of Spanish horses called the PRE, the stallions that bear the Royal Family of Spain around the paddock and perform at the equestrian events at the World Olympics. The chef can't be the only kitchen superstar where Coston can make a call and be invited over for dinner.

Coston's siblings are accomplished people in their own right. Kim Coston organized an exhibition for Susan Nevelson, a famous designer of fabrics and textiles, at a major museum in Florence Italy.  Casey Coston organizes social movements for the citizens of Cincinnati, including the successful summer music festival, the Bunbury Music Festival. Between his family and his art and maybe his well-balanced bike, Farr has reached a good place. Farr has reached a point in his life where all he craves is good wood to carve, and he's pursuing black walnut and fruit trunks and branches to lay up for the winter to season as he makes his way to the tropics for art and friendship. If you have hardwood you wish transformed into art, reach out to Coston.

This is all written to praise Coston and also to say what a good party went off at the Centertown Block Party tonight. Farr had just opened a conversation with an old friend when a man rolled up on a Giant mountain bike. Turns out, he was an old friend Coston hadn't seen in many, many years. Michael Farr Coston, the man who has everything, was given an old friend back at the Centertown Block Party. It was that kind of a night.

Michael Farr Coston, the man who has everything, was given an old friend back at the Centertown Block Party. It was that kind of a night.

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