Monday, September 23, 2013

Linda Goss, a Grand Haven Art Walk artist, Transforms Shirts into a Comforting Memory for a Mother and a Friend.

Linda Goss makes a strong presence in the art worlds of Grand Haven and Muskegon. She is a supporter of the Fire Barn Gallery and the Red Lotus Gallery in Muskegon. That's my take because that's where I see her working and supporting by attending, publicizing and exhibiting. I appreciate her as one of the regular readers and contributors of comments to my Facebook blog. If I bring up a good tidbit that every one needs to know, Linda Goss shares it. However, I've never known her to work in fabric, especially the traditional craft of quilting. Goss's purpose for creating this quilt, her source for materials and her creation process elevate this quilt to high and poignant art. I encountered her quilt in the southwestern corner of the second floor hall of the Tri-Cities Museum. Please take a moment to encounter the quilt for yourself and share her work with our community, who might need to follow the same ritual. I have typed in the show card as verbatim as possible.

A photograph of the quilt has been withheld. Witness the quilt with your own eyes.

Of course Linda Goss can quilt. She began her life in Bay City, Michigan! However, as Linda Goss of the Lake Michigan lakeshore has emphasized, she is not the Linda Goss with roots in Tennessee.

Title of Quilt "Aaron's Memory Comfort-her"

By Linda Goss.

Statement about Quilt: Aaron Lesniak died at age 23. His mom, Judy, is a friend of mine. She couldn't part with his shirts & asked me if I could turn them into a quilt.

So, Judy and I spent time together ripping his shirts into two inch strips. I used those strips to  make log cabin quilt blocks and arranged them into this overall diagonal pattern.

No longer shirts, this piece is now a comforter to comfort her.

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