Friday, September 20, 2013

Are You in #GHArtWalk2013 and ArtPrize overload already? Well, why use that as a reason to be a couch potato?

Are you in #GHArtWalk2013 and ArtPrize overload already? It's okay. Three weeks from now, we can relax and go back to autumn matters like harvesting pumpkins and drinking apple cider. For tonight, make a choice. Site Lab has a big kick off party tonight. Square Peg Events, LLC in Holland has its super-cool mannequin night tonight, and it's a wonder children are going to love so head on down to Holland if you like delighting your children with family-friendly entertainment. As for myself, I have two nights of parties under my belt so it is looking like the lovely, intimate concert at the newly reopened Harbor Theater in Muskegon's Lakeside district. Sara Aziel has come to town to compete in ArtPrize, so her concert at the Harbor is due to her having deep roots in the lakeshore community of Visit Muskegon. I'll take in a pleasant concert and delight in walking through the doors of the twin theater for the first time in two years. And then I'll walk over to the Lakeside Tavern and catch the live music, sit out on the sundial deck and listen to the wind make clangs as the sail fittings clang against the aluminum masts of Great Lakes Marina. It's a little far from the high design evening with Paul Amenta and his SiTE:LAB Volunteer Page team, and I'll be back in the fray by Saturday. Go see the art that is a walk down the street.

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