Saturday, September 28, 2013

After the reopening of the Harbor Theater, Lakeside in Muskegon has Charms Enough to Keep Visitors Amused All Friday Night Long.

We have a roaring evening progressing in Lakeside, an enclave and shopping district between downtown Muskegon and the restaurants of the North Muskegon channel. An entire evening can be dallied away on the biergarten decks of Lakeside, the star deck of the Lakeside Tavern and a spacious wooden deck of the Marine Tap Room.

The two decks enjoy a view of Lake Muskegon and the sailboats and yachts of Great Lakes Marina. The Lakeside Tavern has entertainment two hours after the sunset, Griff and John's Afterhours Experience. Yes, these guys toured with The Verve Pipe. Over at the Harbor Theater, newly reopened, we have a pretty amazing double header.

In one theater, Mark Middlecamp is furnishing a lovely banquet in the theater to guests gathered for a screening of Casablanca. Middlecamp owns the Rec Room Restaurant, located in the Omni Fitness Center, off Norton in Muskegon. The Harbor Theater screening room, the Port room if memory serves correctly, has a small area at the top of the house where family tables can be set up and covered with white table cloths. Imagine that with candles on the table and a beautiful meal served family style. That's what is going on right now in Lakeside.

The Starboard Theater is no slouch by comparison. Already the screening room is preparing for a late night screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Michigan Rocky Horror Picture Show Preservation Society has just arrived from Wayne, Michigan to guide tonight's shadowcast. The Harbor Theater is planning on generating a shadowcast, where patrons dress up as characters from the show and act the roles in front of the projection as the film rolls forward, a film made in 1975 that has achieved cult status thirty-eight years later. To establish the custom, the Denton High Drama Club has sent forth a fellow named Rif, of Rif's Rod Shop, to establish the custom of acting out the Rocky Horror Picture Show as the film acts out behind them. If you are interesting in performing, call Rif at 231-830-7664.

Dark is falling in Lakeside. What choices are worth spending a wonderful Friday night.

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